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IBUG has a highly qualified experienced team helping and assisting clients in reviewing and evaluating the performance of their existing insurance portfolio in terms of Nature of cover and its suitability, Sums insured, Limits, Deductibles, Premiums… Etc

IBUG negotiate with the insurance companies for claim payment professionally and efficiently to assure that our Clients are fairly and promptly indemnified . Our dedicated and experienced team works 24/7 to provide our Clients with the best service .

We are working on :

  • Providing our Clients a professional solutions and services using latest technical and managerial techniques .
  • Assisting our Clients in identifying, analyzing, categorizing and prioritizing risks .
  • Providing the most affordable premium and best coverage .
  • Communicating and following-up with the insurance companies to provide best and most suitable insurance coverage for our clients .
  • Assuring efficient claim handling .
  • Responding rapidly to the customer’s enquiries .
  • Reaching the highest levels of customer satisfaction .
  • Communicating and co-operating with our customers aiming to reach their satisfaction .
  • In case of any complaints from any client of any kind is an escalation of the problem is Competent Department and must deal with the problem and follow-up by the competent department, as well as by senior management and the communication with the customer in less than 24 hours to find out the extent of customer satisfaction.
  • In the case of the customer is not satisfied with the solution of his complaint, he shall be entitled to bring the matter directly to the senior management of the company by contacting
    Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mobile No. 01222366439Mail:ahmed.m@ibug.com.eg

    •  The Company notes that the customer has the right, at any time, to submit a complaint to the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) through the following methods :-Heading to the headquarters of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) in the Smart Village B136.-Send a complaint to E-mail : Info@efsa.gov.eg

We have 50 Years

Of Experiences